Assisted Living & 

Retirement Homes

251 Shelton St, Waynesville NC 28786 ~ ~ (828) 456-8365 ~ (828) 456-6792 Fax

Payment Options

 Make check payable to:  HLRC (or Haywood Lodge & Retirement Center)
Mail to:    HLRC, 251 Shelton St, Waynesville NC 28786
Online:  to enter your bank account information and pay securely using the INTUIT Payment Network.  You have the option of creating an account with them to save your banking information, or to pay without saving your account information online.  Either way, payments are secure, easy, and you receive a confirmation email as evidence of your payment, along with the payment appearing on your bank statements that you receive from your bank.

Payment Options:


We have the following options for making payments to the facility: